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> The paperless office: future fantasy?

A paperless office might sound like something from far out of the future. But a paperless office is not really a futuristic concept. Most workplaces today originate a great deal of information electronically. From purchase order forms to electronic mail messages to documents created in a word processing package on a PC; much content is created without a scrap of paper. It is only when these items are printed, faxed, photocopied, filed, mailed, stamped, and recycled that the fantasy of paperless office operations begin to fade.

Eliminate the shuffling and losing of data in paper form with paperless office solutions.

nvision Technologies understands that you have reasons for following the business processes you have, the same processes that make it necessary to print a document that originated electronically. nvision can help you capture and analyze these reasons in order to create a customized solution that can eliminate the printing, shuffling, and losing of important data in paper form for your paperless office. With your unique needs as the driver, your customized solution will streamline your workflow and make the most of your existing technological assets.

Our workflow databases facilitate the automatic creation and archival of documents such as contracts, letters and quotations. We offer external procedures that automatically create an electronic (pdf) document and email it with nothing more than the push of a button!

We also have created HTML forms such as client surveys that pull information from and push information to databases. In addition to saving a tree, these solutions have the added advantage of making it as easy as possible to fill out the forms to streamline workflow.

Today's business workflow solutions from nvision

Why not work on designing the system yourself? This might seem like a good idea, and you know your processes and priorities better than anyone. But nvision brings hardware and software knowledge, diverse networking support experience, and a list of custom database development success stories to the table. With your business requirements as a guide, nvision in New York City can create an optimal customized workflow solution for your paperless office faster and more cost effectively than you could yourself.

nvision Technologies provides database development that enhance and automate current business practices. Our comprehensive services and turnkey solutions cover custom application development on FileMaker, SQL, PostGreSQL, PHP, Lasso, and Oracle platforms. Add our Web design capaiblites and you have a technology partner ready to serve today's needs for business.

nvision Technologies has been serving its clients for over 5 years. Thousands of people surf our web site while hundreds of people use our software or work on our systems every day. No matter what industry you are in, rest assured that our wide area of expertise and ability to learn quickly enable us to provide a quality solution for you.

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Organization creates too much paper.

How we solve it

» Automatic creation, archival and retrieval of documents such as forms, contracts, letters and proposals.

» Automate creation of an electronic (PDF) document and e-mail it with the push of a button.

» HTML (web based) forms such as client surveys to replace paper.

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