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Network systems using Citrix MetaFrame are designed for a business or organization to operate effectively by keeping its people and units connected. Citrix MetaFrame is the solution that enables employees to stay connected to a "virtual workplace" through Internet connections enabling anytime, anywhere access to critical applications.

What lies beneath Citrix MetaFrame?

When effectively deployed, a Citrix MetaFrame solution can bring your organization together, no matter how diverse and widespread your employee and partner base is. Citrix MetaFrame enables real-time collaboration, content sharing, scheduling, and server shared remote application access. But how can you be sure that your deployment will make the most of its strengths?

The network experts at nvision Technologies have diverse experience in hardware, software, database development, and workflow solutions. They know what it takes to tailor a virtual workplace solution to your organization. nvision understands that you know your business best. That's why it uses your input, business processes, and priorities to evaluate the network and applications you already have. They will use this information to design a virtual workplace solution deployment that makes the best use of your assets.

Companies have the conflicting needs of remote access and security. Satellite offices need real time information. Flexible working hours and locations (i.e.: working from home and/or the road) necessitate remote access to company information. We build and maintain the computer networks required for these connections. We can set up application and portal server solutions to enable you to leverage the Internet to deliver mission-critical applications.

At nvision Technologies, security is a priority

In addition to making the most of your network assets, nvision consultants maintain vital focus on network security. This ensures your virtual workplace solution deployment meets the needs of your organization without compromising your data or your reputation. This assurance of success is evident in the stories of some of nvision's satisfied customers, which include companies from many vertical industries as well as non-profit and professional service organizations. So if you're considering a solution to connect your organization, talk to the experts at nvision in New York City first.

Whether you have existing IT resources we can complement, or would prefer to have us manage your systems, nvision backs up its solutions with the people and resources necessary to assure that your company has complete access to the services you need, when you need them.

We are able to provide a comprehensive range of services and turnkey solutions ranging from custom database applications and paperless office solutions to networking and web design to ongoing maintenance and support of your IT infrastructure. As experienced consultants, we evaluate your technological needs and current business practices and recommend the solution that best fits your needs.

Our reputation is built upon our solutions' ease of use and reliability using proven technology, coupled with our diverse skill set and unparalleled customer support. This commitment to excellence enables us to enjoy long-term relationships with our clients.

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No access to programs and files from home, road, remote offices or at clients.

How we solve it

»Use Citrix MetaFrame to create secure and customizable remote access to programs, databases and files from any browser anywhere in the world.

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