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nvision's digital asset management solutions can make your workflow easier and more efficient. Faced with the challenge of managing a large load of images and content rich media, you will most likely benefit from a well designed, customized digital asset management solution.

The functionality you need with digital asset management.

The digital asset management consultants at nvision Technologies know more than digital asset management. They bring a broad diversity of digital asset management experience to the table, from hardware, software, and networking expertise, to custom development of workflow solutions. This experience ensures that the solution you get from nvision in New York City gives you the functionality you need, while taking advantage of the technology resources you already have.

Imagine the benefits of a solution designed specifically for your needs. All the search criteria are geared to your company's specific key phrases and identifiers. The system lets you add or change information in your browse friendly visual database. Cataloging tools in the database mean you will never have to spend time searching for the file you need. Images are found and copied to disks or e-mailed directly from the database. You can burn designs onto CD's loaded with a free browser and distribute to customers, partners, vendors and affiliates. Web pages are created automatically. A web server hosts the database to distribute over the Internet to anyone with a browser and access permission. We also connect these files to FileMaker, SQL and other databases or to Quark for automatic catalog generation. You will have exactly what you need.

The experience you need.

The most important aspect of custom development is discovering the true needs of the customer. nvision Technologies consultants take the time to analyze and understand the business and technology needs of their customers before working on a design. As a result, solutions are driven by the needs of the customers first and foremost. You can get the cataloging options, collaboration features, and delivery methods that suit your business process requirements. Workflow efficiency improvements mean a rapid return on investment. nvision Technologies can help you make it happen.

nvision's suite of database and application development services can streamline workflow with paperless office solutions, The bottom line: the practical and easy to use hardware and software solutions we deliver enable you to enhance the competitiveness of your business because you can work more productively and efficiently.

Our mission is to provide technology that automates current business practices and streamlines workflow. Our practical and easy to use hardware and software solutions enable our clients to work more productively and efficiently. As experienced consultants, we evaluate your technological needs and current business practices and recommend the solution that best fits your needs.

nvision has a commitment to excellence which enables us to enjoy long-term relationships with our clients.

visual database


Too much time spent locating styles, images or artwork or re-creating them.

How we solve it

» Develop database to input images and assign information to them.

» Now capable of sorting and searching the images.

» Accessible to employees, vendors, clients and partners.

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